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iGEN Prenatal & DNA/RNA Extraction Kits

PUREKIT4.5 - iGEN PURE DNA/RNA Extraction Kit, 50 Extractions



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The iGEN PURE Kit provides high yield, high efficiency nucleic acid extraction from a variety of samples including liquid samples, such as blood, plasma, saliva, and swab transport media, or solid samples, such as cell pellets, biopsy samples, and tissues.

The extracted DNA/RNA is suitable for subsequent IVD procedures and pathogen detection. To obtain high purity DNA, RNase treatment can be used. To obtain high purity RNA, DNase treatment can be used.



  • High efficiency, high yield DNA/RNA extraction
  • Minimum starting sample volume up to 150μl
  • Extraction time of approximately 60 minutes
  • Easy-to-use
  • Useful for forensic applications due to minimal starting material required



  • DNA/RNA purification from liquid and solid samples



  • Solution A, 25ml
  • Solution B, 8ml
  • Solution C, 3.5 ml
  • Solution D, 20ml x 2
  • Solution E, 27ml
  • Solution F, 3ml
  • 1.5ml tubes x 100