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iGEN Prenatal & DNA/RNA Extraction Kits

VIRALKIT4.5 - iGEN Viral RNA Extraction Kit, 50 Samples



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The iGEN Viral RNA Kit was designed for high quality RNA extraction from a variety of liquid samples including serum, plasma, saliva, urine, swab transport media, and cell culture media.

This kit uses iGEN Extraction Technology which provides high quality and yields of RNA with a low starting sample amount. The iGEN methodology is based on classic organic-phase extraction, simplifying the procedure, and avoiding the use of silica columns. 

This kit has been validated to detect COVID-19 with several RT-PCR kits. The extracted RNA is suitable for downstream applications such as PCR and qPCR.



  • High efficiency, high yield viral RNA extraction
  • Minimum starting sample volume of 0.2ml
  • Extraction time of approximately 30 minutes
  • Easy-to-use
  • Validated to detect COVID-19



  • Viral RNA purification from liquid samples



  • Solution A, 6ml 
  • Solution B, 25ml 
  • Solution C, 3.5 ml 
  • Solution D, 20ml x 2 
  • Solution E, 27ml 
  • Solution F, 3ml 
  • 1.5ml tubes x 50