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Immunoassay Optimization

Immunoassay Optimization

Candor Bioscience has developed an outstanding range of buffers and reagents to optimize your immunoassays, including ELISA, Western Blotting, Immunohistochemistry and Immuno-PCR. LowCross-Buffer reduces many types of immunoassay interference such as cross-reactivity, non-specific binding and matrix effects. Several blocking reagents are also available for even the most demanding applications. The product range is rounded out with multiple innovative stabilizers to extend the shelf life of antibodies, reagents and ELISA plates. By using these solutions the reliability of results can be improved, the assay can be simplified and process times can be reduced.

View a list of citations for Candor's immunoassay optimization reagents in research conducted around the world.


NEW! Introducing PlateBlock™, a blocking reagent specifically developed for serological assays. PlateBlock™ greatly increases the reliability of the assay by reducing false positives. Together with LowCross Buffer, Liquid Plate Sealer, and HRP-Protector, PlateBlock can bring critical improvements to COVID-19 testing. A COVID-19 ELISA Sampler Package featuring 6 reagents is now available.


Learn more about the benefits of PlateBlock™ and other Candor reagents in COVID-19 serological assay development in Candor's recent publications:


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