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Model Item Name- Price
112 000 PlateBlock™

110 000 The Blocking Solution

113 000 SmartBlock™

115 000 BSA-Block

600 021/600 022 Candor Blocking Reagent Sampler Package

600 025/600 026 Candor Blocking Reagent Sampler Package ELISA


Blocking is a necessary step in immunoassays to prevent unwanted binding and resultant false results and high background signals. Our blocking reagents saturate free binding sites on plastic or other protein-binding surfaces by covering the surface with a dense layer of molecules without gaps in the layer, effectively avoiding non-specific binding. Multiple blockers are offered:


  • The Blocking Solution – high-performance, casein-based blocker with strongest blocking characteristics; ideal for challenging applications.

  • SmartBlock™ - BSA-free, peptide-based blocker with high efficiency.

  • BSA-Block – well-established BSA-based blocker. 

  • PlateBlock™ - animal-free and protein-free blocker specifically developed for serological ELISA on plastic surfaces. PlateBlock™ is included in the COVID-19 ELISA Sampler Package for antibody test development.


These reagents greatly improve the sensitivity and specificity of the assay. To determine which blocker is appropriate for your application, try the Blocking Reagent Sampler Package or ELISA Blocking Reagent Sampler Package.