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Model Item Name- Price
110 000 The Blocking Solution

113 000 SmartBlock™

115 000 BSA-Block


We are pleased to offer a range of blocking agents to reduce non specific background in all immunoassays. The Blocking Solution is our flagship blocking agent and can be used for the most demanding assays. This blocking solution reduces non specific binding and increases sensitivity.

Our proprietary production method results in natural peptides comprised of a wide range of molecular weights. It thus efficiently saturates binding sites on your assay matrix. It is ready to use and can be applied to IHC, EIA, ELISA, WB, RIA and Immuno-PCR.

For less demanding applications we are please to offer two more economical options, SmartBlock and BSA-Block.

For more information on blockers, see our Blocker Selection Guide and our Chart for Choosing the Appropriate Blocker.