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Immunoassay Optimization Buffers

Model Item Name- Price
100 000 LowCross-Buffer®

101 000 LowCross-Buffer® MILD

102 000 LowCross-Buffer® STRONG

180 000 Assay Defender® NEW!

400 902 SafetyTector™ S NEW!

120 000 Coating Buffer

105 000 Sample Buffer

106 000 Sample Buffer without Tween for IHC

150 000 Stripping Buffer

110 000 The Blocking Solution

140 000 Washing Buffer, 10X, 500ml

270 000 LowCross® HRP-Stab

200 000 LowCross® HRP (Previous Formulation)

Immunoassay Optimization Buffers

Optimizers are advantageous and multifunctional solutions for immunoassays. Candor’s optimizers and buffers offer a higher performance and reliability compared to other diluents and buffers, and greatly improve the quality of the assay.

LowCross-Buffer®, our premium optimizer, acts as both an assay diluent and optimizer by minimizing nonspecific binding, cross-reactivities and matrix effects in immunoassays. Additionally, it can reduce HAMA-interference.

Assay Defender, a sample dilution buffer and optimizer, is a total HAMA and interference blocker ideal for minimizing interference caused by high-affinity antibodies, such as in autoimmune disease research.

Other popular buffers include Coating Buffer for adsorptive immobilization in ELISA, the dilution buffer Sample Buffer for less demanding applications, and Washing Buffer for removing interfering unbound and excessive components. 

With our range of optimizing buffers, you can find the perfect solution for your application.