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Immunoassay Optimization Buffers

101 000 - LowCross-Buffer® MILD


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LowCross-Buffer® MILD is an alternative formulation of the standard LowCross-Buffer®With LowCross-Buffer® MILD, the differentiation-line between false and true signals has been moved to lower affinities compared to LowCross-Buffer®.
LowCross-Buffer® is an innovative assay buffer for ELISA, EIA, RIA, protein arrays, Western blotting, immunohistochemistry and immuno-PCR. It is ready-to-use and can replace your standard sample or antibody dilution buffer.
The formulation of LowCross-Buffer® helps to reduce immunoassay interference and can therefore greatly improve the quality of detection. Nonspecific binding of the antibodies, negative effects of interfering substances, and low or medium affinity cross reactivities of the antibodies can be significantly decreased. Matrix effects, such as those from blood sera or plasma specimens, are minimized. Reduction of these negative effects improves the quality of the assay and the reliability of the results.


  • Antibody and sample diluent for minimizing nonspecific binding, cross-reactivities and matrix effects in immunoassays
  • Reduces interference caused by HAMAs (Human Anti-Mouse Antibodies) and rheumatoid factor
  • Can be used with both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies (concentrations may need adjusting)
  • Can be used in combination with fluorescent dyes
  • Does not replace blocking buffer; we recommend The Blocking Solution
  • Free of phosphate


  • Western blotting
  • Protein Arrays
  • Immuno-PCR
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Enzyme immunoassay
  • Radioimmunoassay


  • 101 050 - LowCross-Buffer® MILD, 50ml
  • 101 125 - LowCross-Buffer® MILD, 125ml
  • 101 500 - LowCross-Buffer® MILD, 500ml