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222 000 - HRP-Protector™


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Long-term stabilizer for horseradish peroxidase (HRP) coupled to antibodies or Neutravidin/Streptavidin.
HRP-Protector™ by Candor Bioscience gives peroxidase conjugates crucial long-term stability over several years even when stored in low concentrated, ready-to-use dilutions. HRP-Protector™ can be used directly as an assay buffer for incubating the HRP-conjugates.
Typical ready-to-use concentrations for detection are between 40-500 ng/mL. If your assay is experiencing background or interference, such as from cross-reactivities, we recommend using LowCross® HRP-Stab as a long-term stabilizer for the conjugate.


  • Diluent for long-term storage of HRP conjugates
  • Can be used directly as an assay buffer for incubating the HRP-conjugates
  • Typical ready-to-use concentrations = 40-500 ng/mL


  • Western Blotting
  • Protein Arrays
  • Immuno-PCR


  • 222 050 - HRP-Protector™, 50ml
  • 222 125 - HRP-Protector™, 125ml
  • 222 500 - HRP-Protector™, 500ml



Please note: This version of HRP-Protector™ is a new, improved formulation over the previous formulation, cat# 220 050, 220 125 and 220 500. The previous formulation is available upon request.

222000, 222050, 222-050, 222125, 222-125, 222500, 222-500


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