ScreenFect-A Transfection Reagent

0.2ml (Cat# S-3001-2)
Sales Price$62.00

ScreenFect®A is a multipurpose transfection reagent for pDNA, siRNA and mRNA delivery, and for cotransfection into a broad range of cell lines including HEK, HeLa, Mef and primary cell lines. 

ScreenFect®A is serum compatible and free of animal derived components. It has relatively low cytotoxicity, allowing easy One-Step cell transfection of recently detached cells. This One-Step procedure reduces the duration of your experiment by one day. Once diluted, ScreenFect®A can be used for a period of up to four days. A dilution buffer is included with the reagent.
 S 3001fig1
  • Outranging high transfection efficiency with less than 100ng DNA
  • Extremely low cytotoxity; seed and transfect cells on the same day
  • Easy and fast optimization protocol
  • Serum compatible; no need to change media
  • Free of animal derived components
  • Applicable in high throughput screenings
  • pDNA, siRNA and mRNA delivery
  • Cotransfection into cell lines
  • S-3001-2 - ScreenFect®A Transfection Reagent, 0.2ml + Dilution Buffer, 10ml
  • S-3001 - ScreenFect®A Transfection Reagent, 1ml + Dilution Buffer, 50ml 

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