Xpert One-Step Fast Probe

100 Reactions (Cat# GE50.0100)
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Xpert One-Step Fast Probe uses gene-specific primers to perform first-strand cDNA synthesis and subsequent qPCR. 

The kit consists of a RTase mix, a Fast qPCR Master mix (Probe), and a 100x ROX reference dye. The reaction is completed in a single tube, reducing handling time and decreasing contamination risks. Xpert One-Step Fast Probe can be used to quantify virtually any RNA target, including extremely low-copy number targets, regardless of the type of template (mRNA, viral RNA, total RNA).

The RTase mix comprises a genetically modified thermostable MMLV reverse transcriptase and an advanced RNase inhibitor to impede RNA degradation. The transcriptase improves synthesis efficiency as it lacks any RNase H activity.

The Fast qPCR Master mix (Probe) consists of a highly efficient enzyme with a novel low inhibitory technology. This combination prevents the formation of unwanted primer-dimers and non-specific products, resulting in high sensitivity and specificity. This master mix can be used in qPCR in a wide range of probe-based technologies, including Taqman®, Molecular Beacons® and Scorpion probes®.  

COVID-19 Update

Xpert One-Step Fast Probe works well with the recommended primers/probes from the WHO for COVID-19 research. Due to high demand, this kit is now available as a single solution in bulk format. Larger sizes are available. Please contact us for details.


  • Excellent signal with low PCR inhibition
  • Early Ct values - Rapid extension rate
  • Allows for standard and fast cycling
  • Can be used with low-copy number targets
  • Ideal for use with recommended primers/probes for COVID-19 research
  • COVID-19 research
  • One-Step RT-qPCR
  • Absolute quantification
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Low-copy number target gene detection
  • GE50.0100 (100 reactions) - RTase Mix (100µl), Fast qPCR Master mix (1ml), 100X ROX (50µM) reference dye (0.2ml)
  • GE50.5100 (500 reactions) - RTase Mix (500µl), Fast qPCR Master mix (5ml), 100X ROX (50µM) reference dye (1ml)
  • GE50.0005 - Xpert One-Step Fast Probe, bulk format, 5ml
  • GE50.0050 - Xpert One-Step Fast Probe, bulk format, 50ml

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