Ron's Cell-free DNA Extraction Kit

Sample Volume of 500µl-1ml (Cat# 804050)
Sales Price$475.00
MagicMag Rack (Optional) 

Ron's Cell-free DNA Extraction Kit is a magnetic bead-based DNA isolation kit for preparation of cell-free DNA from plasma and serum.

The procedure is based on optimized buffers and the use of the specially designed Ron's Magnetic Beads. The advanced buffer system is optimized for efficient recovery of DNA and removal of contaminants. DNA is adsorbed by the unique magnetic beads and all impurities are efficiently removed by washing steps. The cell-free DNA is directly eluted in a special buffer and can be used for further analysis in Real-Time PCR or digital PCR.

With Ron's Cell-free DNA Extraction Kit, neither chaotropic salts nor strong ionic detergents are used. 

The fast, simple protocol can be adapted for automatic extraction. For manual extraction, Bioron's MagicMag Rack should be used.

Please note: This kit is not suited for DNA extraction from blood or other cell-containing samples.


  • Magnetic bead-based purification of cell-free DNA
  • Ideal for extraction of circulating tumor DNA
  • Silica surface has strong binding capacity and large surface area
  • Does not use chaotropic salts or strong ionic detergents 
  • Fast, simple protocol can be adapted for automatic extraction or manual extraction with MagicMag Rack
  • Isolation of cell-free / circulating tumor DNA from human plasma and serum
  • Real-Time PCR
  • Digital PCR
  • 804050 - Kit I: Sample volume of 500µl - 1ml
  • 804060 - Kit II: Sample volume of 1ml - 4ml
Kit Contents:
  • Ron's cf-Magnetic Beads-Si
  • 2ml collection tubes
  • Lysis & Binding Buffer cfLB-Si-1
  • Wash Buffer cfWB-Si-1
  • Wash Buffer cfWB-Si-2
  • Elution Buffer cfEL-Si-1

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