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Genomic DNA Extraction

17154 - Patho Gene-spin DNA/RNA Extraction Kit, 50 preps



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The Patho Gene-spin DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is designed for rapid and sensitive DNA/RNA isolation from pathogenic samples infected by viruses or bacteria such as plasma, blood, serum, cell-free body fluids, cells and tissue.
The included lysis buffer contains chaotropic salt that immediately inactivates DNase/RNase to ensure that the isolated DNA/RNA is intact. This results in a stronger lysis efficiency than conventional products. The columns provided in this kit have advanced silica-gel membrane technology for rapid and effective purification of DNA/RNA without organic extraction or ethanol precipitation. The buffering conditions are finely adjusted to provide optimum binding of the DNA/RNA to the column.
The purified RNA/DNA is free of proteins and nucleases and is suitable for use in downstream applications in pathogen detection.
Examples of amplification after extractions from various pathogenic samples
Figure 1: After diluting 1/10 of various pathogenic samples, total DNA/RNA was extracted with Patho Gene-spin DNA/RNA Extraction Kit. 
Observation of amplification efficiency on various PCR/RT-PCR conditions
Figure 2: Total RNA was extracted from pathogenic samples using the Patho Gene-spin DNA/RNA Extraction Kit and competitors' DNA/RNA extraction products. PCR / RT-PCR amplification with extracted samples shows that the Patho Gene-spin DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is suitable for stable amplification.


  • Stable extraction of purified DNA/RNA from various pathogenic samples 
  • High lysis efficiency without additional additives
  • Uses silica-gel spin columns for rapid extraction without cross contamination
  • Lysis buffer contains chaotropic salt that immediately inactivates DNase/RNase
  • Viral nucleic acids are eluted in low elution volumes of 30–60 μl
  • Does not require organic extraction or ethanol precipitation
  • Simple protocol is completed in 30 minutes


  • Pathogen detection
  • cDNA synthesis
  • Quantitative PCR (qPCR, qRT-PCR)
  • PCR or RT-PCR
  • Infectious disease research


  • Lysis buffer, 35ml
  • Binding buffer, 35ml
  • Washing buffer A, 30ml
  • Washing buffer B, 10ml
  • Elution buffer, 20ml
  • Spin columns x 50