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New Fast HisenScript™ RH(-) RT PreMix Kit

25093 - New Fast HisenScript™ RH(-) RT PreMix Kit, 96 tubes


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Fast HisenScript ™ RH (-) RT PreMix kit is specifically designed for the first-strand cDNA synthesis of RT (reverse transcription) reactions. It is highly sensitive to all types of RNA. RevoScript ™ RH (-) RTase is included as an RTase to eliminate RNase H activity that interferes with cDNA synthesis. This RTase has high heat resistance compared to M-MLV, which is the most widely used, and is useful for cDNA synthesis of RNAs that are likely to form a secondary structure. This product can be applied to various RNAs and is easily tested with template RNA and RNase free DW addition.

Fast HisenScript ™ RH (-) RT PreMix kit consists of 96 tubes, each of which contains all the necessary reagents for cDNA synthesis in the form of lyophilized pellets. The reaction can be performed by simply adding template RNA and RNase/DNase free water. cDNA synthesis is completed in only 10-15 minutes. The lyophilized pellets provide excellent reproducibility. They are package in a vacuum compression manufacturing method to minimize contamination.


  • RTase eliminates interfering RNase H activity
  • Highly sensitive to all types of RNA
  • All reagents needed for reaction are stored in pellet in one tube
  • Capable of cDNA synthesis from prokaryotic and eukaryotic RNA
  • Excellent reproducibility and stability


  • First strand cDNA synthesis
  • Construction of full length cDNA libraries
  • RT-PCR
  • Real-time RT-PCR


  • Fast HisenScript™ RH(-) RT PreMix kit, 96 tubes