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PCR PreMix Kits

25411 - FastMix/Frenche PCR (i-StarTaq), 96 tubes


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FastMix/Frenche™ PCR (i-StarTaq™) is an all-in-one PCR kit with improved sensitivity and a higher amplification rate compared to the existing Maxime series. By eliminating the artificial additive, FastMix/Frenche™ PCR (i-StarTaq™) is optimized for PCR and is stable at room temperature under various conditions for up to 6 months. This stability makes the product ideal for diagnostic research.  

This kit contains all components necessary for a PCR reaction in a dried and stable format in each tube. PCR can be carried out immediately with the addition of the template, primer and distilled water, reducing the risk of pipetting error. Gel loading electrophoresis is also possible as the tubes contain loading dye. FastMix/Frenche™ PCR (i-StarTaq™) features Intron’s i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase. This polymerase implements a chemical-based hot-start function that is not antibody-based and improves specificity and accuracy. This kit has excellent stability due to oxidation and moisture prevention achieved by a vacuum compression manufacturing method.


  • Maximized sensitivity and amplification rate, improvement over Maxime kits 
  • High stability at room temperature for up to 6 months
  • Ready-to-use with all the reagents required for the reaction in a dried pellet in one tube
  • PCR can begin immediately by simply adding template and primer 
  • Gel loading electrophoresis is possible because tubes contain loading dye
  • High specificity and accuracy with hot-start function


  • Diagnosis research
  • Pathogen detection
  • Complex genomic DNA-PCR
  • Complex cDNA template; RT-PCR (2nd round PCR of Rt-PCR)
  • Reaction with multiplex primer parts
  • Hot-start PCR
  • Real-time PCR
  • High GC rich, repeat region PCR
  • T/A vector cloning
  • LOH or MSI analysis related PCR


  • FastMix/Frenche™ PCR (i-StarTaq), 96 tubes*

*Tubes include i-StarTaq™ DNA Polymerase, dNTP solution, MgCl2, and reaction buffer (with gel loading dye)