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Plasmid DNA Purification

17289 - MEGAquick-spin™ Plus Total Fragment DNA Purification Kit, 50 Extractions



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The single kit solution for extraction of DNA fragments from agarose gels, PCR reactions and enzymatic reactions (DNA clean-up)!
The MEGAquick-spin Total Fragment DNA Purification Kit is designed for extraction of DNA from normal or low-melt agarose gels, for purification of PCR products, and for DNA cleanup from other enzymatic reactions. The multi-functional membrane-based system allows recovery of isolated DNA fragments or PCR products in as little as 20 minutes. Recovery of up to 95% is achieved. The purified DNA can be used in a variety of applications without further manipulation.


  • Extracts and purifies DNA fragments of 65 bp-100 Kb
  • High recovery of 90-95% for PCR and 70-85% for gel extraction 
  • Simple and quick protocol can be completed in as little as 20 minutes
  • Multi-functional membrane system can bind up to 45µg DNA
  • Almost all primer dimer is removed in PCR products


  • Extraction of DNA from agarose gel
  • Purification of DNA from PCR products and other reactions


  • BNL buffer/plus (agarose gel lysis buffer), 40ml
  • Washing buffer/plus, 15ml
  • Elution buffer/plus, 5ml
  • Spin columns x 50
  • Collection tubes x 50