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RNA Extraction

17063 - easy-RED Total RNA Extraction Kit for Liquid Samples, 100ml



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easy-RED™ Total RNA Extraction Kit can rapidly extract total RNA from liquid samples such as blood, serum, swabs and biological fluid and from cells, tissues, bacteria and stool samples. An optimized protocol for each type of sample is provided for added convenience and reproducibility. Unlike easy-BLUE™ Total RNA Extraction Kit, the easy-RED™ solution can separate various sizes of RNA from liquid samples. High purity water-saturated phenol is used, improving the yield and purity of the extracted RNA.

See also: easy-Blue™ for RNA extraction from cells and tissue samples.

Comparison of total RNA extraction efficiency

Figure 1: Lane M, 1kb ladder; lane 1, Sample 50 μl; lane 2, Sample 100 μl; lane 3, Sample 200 μl; lane 4, Sample 300 μl ; lane 5, Sample 400 μl ; lane 6, Sample 500 μl

Total RNA extraction efficiency from clinical specimens

Figure 2: Lane M, 100bb ladder; lane 1, No template control; lane 2, Human corona virus 229E/NL63 positive sample; lane 3, Human adeno virus positive sample; lane 4, Negative sample; lane 5, Human para influenza virus3 positive sample ; lane 6, RV Multiplex 6 species


  • Extracts total RNA from liquid samples in addition to cells, tissues and bacteria
  • Easily separates aqueous phase/phenol phase with deep-pink/red colored solution
  • Water-saturated phenol improves efficiency and purity
  • Provides optimized protocol for each specimen
  • Eliminates cross-contaminants for precise downstream applications


  • RT-PCR and Real-time RT-PCR
  • Northern Blotting
  • cDNA synthesis
  • Primer extension
  • Infectious disease research


  • easy-RED™ Solution, 100ml