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RNA Extraction

17310 - easy-spin IIp Plant RNA Extraction Kit (mini-prep), 50 preps



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easy-spin IIp Plant RNA Extraction Kit (mini-prep) is designed for extracting total RNA from plant tissues. One of the components contains high molecular polyethyleneglycol (HMW-PEG) that binds to contaminants frequently present in plant tissues, such as polyphenolic compounds and polysaccharides. As is ideal for plants, this kit does not require alcohol precipitation.

The procedure consists of disrupting the plant tissue in a guanidium-based solution to which the special pre-lysis buffer has been added. A brief centrifugation then removes the polyphenolic and polysaccharide contaminants. The supernatant is passed through a spin which binds the RNA and, after washing, high quality plant RNA is eluted.

Efficiency based on plant type


Comparison for yield and purity


  • Extracts high quality plant total RNA
  • No genomic DNA contamination
  • Does not require alcohol precipitation



  • Total RNA extraction from plant tissue



  • Pre-Lysis Buffer, 10ml
  • Lysis Buffer, 40ml
  • Binding Buffer, 20ml
  • Washing Buffer A, 40ml
  • Washing Buffer B, 10ml
  • Elution Buffer, 20ml
  • Pre-Spin columns x 50
  • Binding-Spin columns x 50
  • Collection tubes x 50