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RNA Extraction

17221 - easy-spin Total RNA Extraction Kit, 50 preps



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easy-spin (DNA free) Total RNA Extraction Kit combines the high yield of solution-type RNA extraction kits and high purity of column-type RNA extraction kits to rapidly extract RNA. Unlike solution-type kits, easy-spin does not involve the inconvenient use of phenol and alcohol precipitation. Unlike column-type kits, easy-spin is not vulnerable to genomic DNA contamination during electrophoresis of the extracted RNA. With easy-spin Total RNA Extraction Kit, RNA extraction time is under 30 minutes and high yield and high purity RNA can be obtained.
Fig. 1: Total RNA was isolated and purified from SNU-1 cells using the easy-spin Total RNA Extraction Kit (lane 1) and two competitor products, a solution-type kit (lane 2) and a column-type kit (lane 3). The results show the superior performance of the Total RNA Extraction Kit. 


  • High yield and high purity
  • Does not require the use of phenol and alcohol precipitation
  • Does not lead to genomic DNA contamination
  • Protocol takes less than 30 minutes



  • Express messenger RNA research 
  • Pathogen detection study
  • Detection Assay: RT-PCR, real time PCR 
  • RNA hybridization: Northern blotting, microarray



  • Lysis Buffer (easy-BLUE™ Solution), 50ml
  • Binding Buffer, 20ml
  • Washing Buffer A, 40ml
  • Washing Buffer B, 10ml
  • Elution Buffer, 20ml
  • Spin columns x 50
  • Collection tubes x 50