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RT-PCR Premix Kits

RT-PCR Premix Kits

Fast, sensitive, reliable RT-PCR.

Our one-step RT-PCR PreMix Kits greatly simplify the task of RT-PCR. With all components necessary for RT-PCR supplied in a dried and stable pelleted format in each tube, the reaction can begin immediately with the addition of the template, primer and distilled water.

Our RT-PCR premix kits provide several advantages:

  • Ready-to-use with fast protocol
  • Sensitive cDNA synthesis and high specificity PCR amplification
  • Optimized buffer composition
  • Reduced risk of pipetting error
  • High stability due to vacuum compression manufacturing method

Several kits are available. The standard Maxime RT-PCR Premix kit incorporates a hot-start function for improved specificity. Premix kits with Oligo dT15 Primers and random primers for cDNA synthesis are also available. The Fast HisenScript RH(-) RT PreMix kit includes an RTase to eliminate interfering RNase H activity.

NEW! We now offer a COVID-19 Real-Time RT-PCR kit in premix format. This kit provides all the advantages of our RT-PCR premix kits. It functions by detecting the RdRP genes, E genes and N genes of COVID-19 using a probe method in RT-PCR.