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RT-PCR Premix Kits

25131 - Maxime RT-PCR PreMix Kit, 96 tubes


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Maxime RT-PCR PreMix Kit is a one-step RT-PCR product that synthesizes cDNA from RNA and amplifies the cDNA through PCR.

This kit contains all components necessary for a RT-PCR reaction in a dried and stable format in each tube, including the high-performance OptiScript RTase and the hot-start function i- StarTaq DNA Polymerase. RT-PCR can be carried out immediately with the addition of the RNA, gene-specific primer and distilled water, reducing the risk of pipetting error.

The one-step RT-PCR method has the advantage of obtaining a higher specificity than the 2 steps method, making it ideal for the detection of trace amounts of infectious RNA in a sample. This kit has excellent stability due to oxidation and moisture prevention achieved by a vacuum compression manufacturing method.


Fig. 1: Optimized for diagnostic research. As demonstrated from the results above, Maxime RT-PCR PreMix Kit is highly sensitive to a range of viruses.




Fig. 2: High stability and reproducibility. Consistent sensitivity and amplification performance were observed over a 1 year period. Panel A, IBRV virus detection; Panel B, hGAPDH detection



  • Ready-to-use with all the reagents required for the reaction in a dried pellet in one tube
  • RT-PCR can begin immediately by simply adding RNA and gene-specific primer 
  • Gel loading electrophoresis is possible because tubes contain loading dye
  • Excellent product stability and reproducibility
  • Hot-start function enabled by i-StarTaq DNA Polymerase improves specificity and accuracy



  • RNA qualification study
  • RNA expression study
  • Specific RNA detection
  • Virus research
  • Molecular diagnostic study



  • Maxime RT-PCR PreMix, 96 tubes*

*Tubes include OptiScript RT System, i-StarTaq DNA Polymerase, RT-PCR buffer(10x), stabilizer, and dNTP mixture