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LPS Extraction Kit

17141 - LPS Extraction Kit, 100 preps


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Our LPS Extraction Kit is designed to separate and purify Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) present in the outer wall of gram-negative bacteria. This kit can extract LPS from even a small volume of bacterial cells and gives reproducibly high yields of LPS. The protocol takes less than 60 minutes and includes only three steps: lysis of bacterial cells, purification of LPS among the released cell components, and washing to remove salts. This kit provides 100 extractions.

LPS extraction yield

Strain LPS yield (μg) Protein contamination
S. typhimurium 200 ~ 400 < 0.2 μg
S. enteritidis 90 ~ 250 < 0.2 μg
S. gallinarum 150 ~ 450 < 0.2 μg
E. coli (wild type) 220 ~ 490 < 0.2 μg
E. coli (O:055) 260 ~ 510 < 0.2 μg
E. coli (O:111) 220 ~ 500 < 0.2 μg
E. coli (O:1) 180 ~ 380 < 0.2 μg

LPS was extracted from each G (-) strain of OD600 using the LPS Extraction Kit, and the extracted LPS was quantified using the Purpald Assay. The degree of contamination of the protein was confirmed to be less than 0.2 μg.


  • Isolates and purifies LPS present in gram negative bacteria 
  • Based on phenol water method
  • Broadly applicable among different gram-negative bacteria 
  • Removes contaminants such as proteins and nucleic acids 
  • Extraction is completed in under 60 minutes


  • Study of LPS composition and structure
  • Systematic study of bacteria
  • Study of immune response of carbohydrate antigen
  • LPS inhibition drug design study
  • Antibiotic target study


  • Lysis buffer, 100ml
  • Purification buffer, 80ml