Founded in 2012, ScreenFect combines innovative chemistry with biological and cell screening expertise to produce ScreenFect Transfection Reagents. ScreenFect Transfection Reagents provide excellent performance in many standard cell lines as well as difficult-to-transfect primary and stem cells. ScreenFect was developed using chemical libraries generated through patented combinatorial chemistry methods. Using these libraries, the developers identified candidate reagents by high-throughput cell screening approaches. These reagents were then optimized for specific applications such as siRNA and mRNA transfection. With their special technology, ScreenFect continues expanding their selection of novel reagents for the transfection of diverse cells.


ScreenFect-A Transfection Reagent

0.2ml (Cat# S-3001-2)

Sales Price$147.00
Sales Price$119.00

ScreenFect-mRNA Transfection Reagent

0.2ml (Cat# S-5001-2)

Sales Price$146.00
Sales Price$120.00

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