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GSTT01 - Anti-GST Antibody, 100µl


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The MoBiTec GST-Tag antibody is optimally suited for monitoring GST-Tag fusion protein expression and purification. Expression vectors constructed to allow synthesis of fusion proteins between glutathione-S-transferase (GST) and proteins encoded by inserted foreign DNA fragments are widely used. Antibodies directed against fusion proteins possessing a GST-Tag are very useful for verifying recombinant protein expression as well as for immunoaffinity purification of such proteins expressed in E. coli. The MoBiTec GST-Tag antibody shows a markedly increased sensitivity for GST-Tags compared with other commercially available anti GST-Tag antibodies.


  • Optimally suited for monitoring expression of GST-tagged fusion proteins
  • Useful for immunoaffinity purification of fusion proteins possessing a GST-tag
  • Markedly increased sensitivity for GST-tags
  • Source: rabbit, polyclonal


  • Monitoring GST-Tag fusion protein expression and purification
  • Immunoaffinity purification of fusion proteins possessing a GST-tag


  • anti-GST-Tag antibody, 100 µl