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Fluorescently Labeled Antibodies & Labeling Kits

Fluorescently Labeled Antibodies & Labeling Kits

MoBiTec's MFP dyes are a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to existing well-known fluorophores such as Cy labels. They can be readily used to efficiently label biomolecules (e.g. antibodies, peptides or nucleic acids). These dyes have high emission fluorescence and fluorescence intensity, high photostability, high water solubility, and more brightness than commonly used dyes. Additionally, these dyes are compatible with a wide range of instruments and remain highly fluorescent over a broad pH range. Multiple MFP dyes with different features are available:

  • MFP488 - compatible with green emitting fluorophores such as Cy2 and fluorescein. MFP488 is brighter than fluorescein, much more photostable, water soluble and pH insensitive over a broad range (pH 4-9).

  • MFP555 - ideal replacement for the red fluorescent Cy3 dye. Antibodies labeled with this dye are optimally suited for TMR and Cy3 filters.

  • MFP590 - conjugates produce bright red fluorescence emission. Antibodies labeled with this dye are optimally suited for Texas Red filters.

  • MFP631 - optimally excited with the 633 nm spectral line of the He-Ne laser and the 635 nm line of red diode lasers. The bright and photostable MFP631 emits in the far red region of the spectrum.

We also offer labeling kits that include all required components for a labeling reaction. If you do not see the product you are looking for, please contact us.