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Protein A & Protein G Antibody Purification

Protein A & Protein G Antibody Purification

The Protein A and G columns are ideally suited for the efficient and rapid purification of antibodies with minimal pre-treatment. Protein A and Protein G are bacterial proteins with high specific binding to the Fc (non-antigen binding) domain of many classes of antibodies. Protein A and G can be used to affinity purify immunoglobulins (primarily IgGs) or for the separation of Fc from Fab fragments. The binding characteristics of Protein A and G differ:

  • Protein A has a broad species reactivity. It binds well to IgG from human, rabbit, cow and guinea pig but weak to monoclonal antibodies.

  • Protein G has a broader species reactivity. It shows much stronger binding to IgG from mouse, rat and goat and also stronger binding to monoclonal antibodies.

Immobilized onto a solid glass support and packed into columns, Protein A and G purify total lgG from crude protein mixtures such as serum or ascites fluid. Antibodies are eluted from the Protein A and G columns by a low pH elution buffer.