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COVID-19 Detection Kits

6001020601 - DirectPrep Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (ORF1ab/N gene) Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe), 24 tests


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For Research Use Only.

This kit is designed for the qualitative detection of COVID-19 RNA using throat swab or nasal swab samples. It offers an auxiliary means for the diagnosis of the COVID-19 infected patients. It is also used for epidemiological surveillance.

This kit combines PCR with a fluorescence probe to detect the conserved region of COVID-19 genome, covered by a pair of specific primers and a fluorescence-labeled probe. With this technique, the accumulated PCR products can be detected by instrument according to the change of signal generated by the fluorescence dye. This provides a timely and accurate detection result without the need for complicated nucleic acid extraction and purification.



  • Uses throat swab or nasal swab samples
  • Combines PCR with a fluorescence probe
  • Timely and accurate detection result



  • Detection of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)



  • COVID-19 (O/N) PCR Reaction Mix I, 420μl
  • COVID-19 (O/N) PCR Reaction Mix II, 40μl
  • COVID-19 (O/N) Positive Control, 60μl 
  • COVID-19 (O/N) Negative Control, 60μl
  • DirectPrep Buffer-003, 250μl