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GE-TLK0110 - TurboLigation Kit


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TurboLigation Kit enables quick ligation of blunt-end or cohesive-end DNA fragments in just 5 minutes at room temperature. 

This kit combines TurboLigase, an ultrapure recombinant T4 DNA Ligase, and 5x TurboLigation buffer, an optimized quick ligation buffer. A 5-minute TurboLigation reaction offers the same efficiency as a traditional 16°C overnight ligation reaction. The reaction product is ready for bacterial transformation without any further treatment. There is no need to heat-inactivate the TurboLigase, dilute the reaction, or purify the DNA before chemical transformation.



  • Reaction occurs in 5 minutes
  • High efficiency
  • TurboLigase has a specific activity of > 12,000 units/mg
  • TurboLigase is purified to homogeneity



  • Adding linkers or adapters to DNA 
  • Blunt or cohesive end ligation of duplex DNA 
  • DNA cloning



  • GE-TLK0110-1 - TurboLigase and 5x TurboLigation Buffer, 100 reactions
  • GE-TLK0110-2 - TurboLigase and 5x TurboLigation Buffer, 500 reactions