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Phagemid Display

Model Item Name- Price
PSKAN pSKAN Phagemid Display System

PSKAN2 Anti-SPINK1 (hPSTI) Antibody, 100µl

PSKAN3 Anti-pIII (g3p) Antibody, 100µl

PSKAN4 pMAMPF3-PSTI4 vector DNA, 5µg

PSKAN8 pSKAN8 vector DNA, 5µg

PS1255 Sequencing Primer 1255

PS2897 Sequencing Primer 2897

Phagemid Display

The pSKAN Phagemid Display System is a unique tool for the selection of proteins with specific binding properties. It is a fast and easy to handle alternative to antibodies or immunoglobulin domain presenting phagemids. The pSKAN phagemid displays a small hypervariable amino acid loop, and more than 3 x 107 variants can be tested for the specific binding to a target molecule of interest. During the enrichment process, the phagemid libraries are tested for specific binding to a target molecule of interest; the poorly binding majority are washed away; the strongly binding population is eluted and amplified by re-infection in E. coli. Within a period of only three weeks, the scientist is able to receive the target molecule of interest.