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Phagemid Display

PSKAN8 - pSKAN8 vector DNA, 5µg


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The phagemid pSKAN8 is a phagemid vector used to prepare your own phagemid display library. pSKAN8 encodes an hPSTI-pIII fusion protein, a specific inhibitor of the protease trypsin. pSKAN8 was used for the construction of the pSKAN phagemid libraries HyA, HyB, and HyC found in Mobitec’s pSKAN Phagemid Display System. A protocol is provided for preparation of your own library. This protocol was designed for the presentation of a hypervariable amino acid loop of 6-8 amino acids.


  • Encodes an hPSTI-pIII fusion protein
  • Based on vector pMAMPF-3


  • Construction of phagemid display library


  • pSKAN8 vector, lyophilized DNA, 5 µg