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Magnetic Separators

MDMG0005 - MM-Separator 96 PCR, Side Collection



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MM-Separator 96 PCR is an automated magnetic separator designed for fast and efficient collection of magnetic beads in 96 PCR microplates. The SBS dimensioned base fits on any robotic deck and small skirts on each side ensure correct and stable placement of microplates onto the separator. The red anodized aluminum block holds 96 neodymium ring magnets optimized for fast separation time. 

Depending on the type of magnetic beads and the suspension media, volumes up to 300 µL can be used. Magnetic beads are collected in a ring on the side of the microplate wells, allowing safe and easy aspiration of liquids such as samples, wash liquids or eluates in purification protocols. The minimum elution volume is roughly 20 µL. 

This magnetic separator is designed for PCR plates but can also be used for U- and V-bottom plates. It is not recommended for flat-bottom microplates. For 96 U- and V-bottom DeepWell microplates, the use of MM-Separator 96 DeepWell is recommended. 



  • Designed for automated processing in 96 PCR microplates and U- and V-bottom plates
  • Beads collect in a ring on the side of the microplate wells
  • Compatible with all 96 and 384 pipette heads
  • Extremely strong neodymium magnets for fast separation time
  • Accommodates volumes of 20-300 µL 
  • Ideal for medium-throughput processes



  • Magnetic separation of magnetic beads from liquid samples for isolation and purification of nucleic acids and proteins, immunoprecipitation, immunoassays (ELISA), cell sorting, and purification of biomolecules



  • MM-Separator 96 PCR, Side Collection