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Automated Magnetic Bead-Based Kits for Purification of Nucleic Acids

MD6X001 - MagSi-gDNA Blood Kit


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The MagSi-gDNA blood kit allows fast and economic automated purification of genomic DNA from a wide range of sample volumes, from 20 µl up to 1 ml, of fresh or frozen whole blood using magnetic beads and any liquid handling workstation. The scalability of the MagSi-gDNA blood kit makes it suitable for any situation that requires gDNA isolation, from single experiments using the magnetic separators to high-throughput experiments. 
In combination with the liquid handling systems, the automated MagSi-gDNA blood kits enable purification of DNA from 1 - 96 samples of whole human blood or other commonly used blood components such as buffy coat or serum. After filling the standard containers (single tubes, 96 deep-well plates), all required isolation steps are robotically performed. In contrast to other blood kits available using blood volumes greater than 1ml, lysis of erythrocytes is not required. Blood samples lysed with the MagSi-gDNA blood kit are optimal as the lysis buffer contains Proteinase K.
In combination with the robotic workstation, the lysis step can be carried out directly on the platform at ambient temperature or via the integrated thermomixer available for most robots at 56 °C. Further processing is completed using the magnetic capabilities of the included MagSi-DNA beads. The free DNA binds to magnetic particles, followed by washing steps and the final elution. The high-quality DNA is ready to use for subsequent downstream applications or can be stored at –20 °C for future use.


  • Suitable for whole blood, prepared with citrate, EDTA or heparin
  • Creates ultra-pure, ready-to-use genomic DNA for enhanced performance in sensitive applications
  • Does not require erythrocyte lysis 
  • High binding capacity
  • Reproducible, high yield of DNA – up to 8 µg from 200µl of fresh or frozen whole blood
  • No cross contamination
  • Optimal preservation of gDNA
  • Easy to automate


  • PCR, Real-time PCR
  • RFLP analysis
  • Restriction enzyme digestion
  • Hybridization
  • SNP analysis
  • Genotyping


MD60001 (96 preps)

  • MagSi-DNA allround beads, 2ml
  • Lysis buffer, 20ml
  • Binding buffer, 50ml
  • Proteinase K, for 1ml working solution
  • Wash buffer I, 40ml x 2
  • Wash buffer II, 24ml
  • Elution buffer, 20ml

MD61001 (96 preps x 10)

  • MagSi-DNA allround beads, 2ml x 10
  • Lysis buffer, 20ml x 10
  • Binding buffer, 50ml x 10
  • Proteinase K, for 1ml working solution x 10
  • Wash buffer I, 40ml x 20
  • Wash buffer II, 24ml x 10
  • Elution buffer, 20ml x 10