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X160-30 - Imaging Dish CG, 30/box


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Imaging Dishes CG (Cover Glass) are designed for high resolution microscopy of living and fixed cells. These 35mm petri dishes are fitted with a central cover glass bottom with a diameter of 18mm. This design is ideal for direct inverse microscopy of the seeded cells. The level of the cover glass is 2mm lower than the surrounding polystyrene dish, allowing the cells to become concentrated on the central cover glass. Additionally, the cover glass bottom has advanced amino group surface treatment for better cell adhesion, distribution and spreading. Each box includes 30 imaging dishes.
  • Dish diameter = 35mm
  • Imaging area diameter = 18mm 
  • Total volume = 7ml
  • Suggest seeding volume = 750 μl
  • Suggested working volume = 2ml
  • Planarity/flatness = < 5μm
Cat# μGrid Glass No. Thickness
5160-30 no 1.0 145μm
6160-30 no 1.5 175μm
7160-30 0.3 x 0.3 mm 1.5 175μm


  • High quality cover glass for imaging applications
  • Tissue culture (TC) surface to support cell spreading and adhesion
  • Borosilicate glass bottom
  • Excellent well planarity


  • Laser scanning confocal microscopy
  • Total internal reflection fluorescence
  • Differential interference contrast
  • Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  • Low intensity fluorescence


  • 5160-30 - Imaging Dish, glass no. 1.0, 145μm thick x 30 (5 bags of 6)
  • 6160-30 - Imaging Dish, glass no. 1.5, 175μm thick x 30 (5 bags of 6)
  • 7160-30 - Imaging Dish, glass no. 1.5, 175μm thick, with μGrid x 30 (5 bags of 6)