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32X1-20 - Imaging Plate FC, TC-Surface, 20/box


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The Imaging Plate FC has a fluorocarbon film bottom for a unique combination of advanced cell culture properties and superior imaging properties. The film bottom has amino group surface treatment for improved cell adhesion, distribution and spreading. It can be cut and transferred for SEM, TEM or upright microscopy. With a width of only 25 μm, the film bottom supports high resolution imaging. This imaging plate has excellent plate and well polarity as well as high light transmission and low intrinsic fluorescence. It can be used between -20°C and 50°C. Please note: the use of alcohols or ketones must be tested to avoid weakening the adhesive. 


Cat# 3231-20

Cat# 3241-20

Number of wells

24 Well

96 Well

Inner well diameter (imaging plane)

13.2 mm

6 mm

Total well volume

1880 μl

428 μl

Suggested working volume

500 - 1000 μl

100 - 200 μl

Distance plate bottom to imaging plane

2.5 mm

400 μm

Inner well flatness

≤ 10 μm

≤ 10 μm

Well to well flatness

≤ 50 μm

≤ 50 μm

Surface treatment





  • Amino group surface treatment for improved cell adhesion, distribution and spreading
  • Fluorocarbon film has excellent chemical resistance and high light transmission
  • Gas permeable
  • Excellent plate and well polarity
  • High light transmission and low intrinsic fluorescence
  • Glass-like optics, polymer-like cell growth
  • Includes lid
  • Sterile


  • Live cell imaging
  • Metabolically highly active cells
  • High content screening
  • Laser scanning confocal microscopy
  • Low intensity fluorescence dyes


  • 3231-20 - Imaging Plate FC, 24 wells x 20
  • 3241-20 - Imaging Plate FC, 96 wells x 20