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SQ-IS-10000 - ImmunoSelect Adhesion Slides


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ImmunoSelect adhesion slides have been developed for the efficient immobilization of precious cellular material. The adhesive coating of ImmunoSelect adhesion slides combines different binding principles to natural surface structures of cells and tissues. The cells are anchored securely to the glass surface and do not lose their antigenicity or ability to function. Cell loss is minimized even under harsh incubation conditions. The extremely fast binding of cells to the glass surface takes place without time consuming centrifugation and drying procedures.


  • Superb retainment of cell and tissue morphology
  • Very fast adhesion of cells and tissue sections with >95% retainment
  • Alternative to Polylysine and other adhesion techniques
  • No cytospins or smears necessary, simply apply the cells and let them float down
  • Cell adhesion is resistant to heating, staining and denaturation
  • No cell loss even with harsh cytological staining procedures


  • Immunofluorescence methods or other comparable methods
  • Immunoenzymatic tests (Peroxidase, Alkaline Phosphatase)
  • Histological staining techniques 
  • Intracellular antigen evidencing
  • Molecular biological tests 


  • SQ-IS-10050 - ImmunoSelect Adhesion Slides x 50
  • SQ-IS-10100 - ImmunoSelect Adhesion Slides x 100