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Bacillus megaterium Protein Expression System

BMEG PROTOPLASTS - Bacillus megaterium protoplasts


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The Bacillus megaterium expression system provides a versatile and easy-to-handle tool for stable and high-yield protein production, both small- and large-scale.
B. megaterium has proven to be an excellent host for the expression of non-homologous DNA. Unlike other bacilli strains, none of the alkaline proteases are present. This enables cloning and expression of foreign proteins without degradation.
In addition, there are no endotoxins found in the cell wall. B. megaterium can stably maintain several extra-chromosomal DNA elements in parallel. Protein yields are exceptionally high, even if inexpensive substrates are used. 
Since intact B. megaterium cells cannot be transformed, we offer protoplasts of B. megaterium cells that are ready for transformation. They can be used for at least 2 months after the date of arrival and must be stored at -80 °C. The protoplast suspension is supplied in 5 aliquots of 500 µl each to prevent multiple freezing and thawing of protoplasts that are not used immediately.
Multiple BMEG strains are offered:
  • WH320 (BMEG02) - chemical mutant of strain DSM319 which is deficient in the production of b-galactosidase (lacZ).
  • YYBm1 (BMEG04) - carries the nprM deletion and an additional deletion of the xylose isomerase gene xylA; it is thus unable to metabolize xylose, which is used as inducer for gene activation. 
  • MS941 (BMEG50) - generated from the wild-type strain DSM319 by deletion of major extracellular protease gene nprM; well suited for extracellular protein production due to reduced extracellular protease activity.
Please note these products require a license for non-academic institutions. Please contact us for licensing information.


  • Protoplasts come ready for transformation
  • Stable, high-yield protein expression 
  • Ideal for both small- and large-scale protein production
  • Tightly regulated and efficiently inducible xylose operon (up to 350-fold)
  • No alkaline proteases activity even up to 5 hours after induction
  • No endotoxins observed


  • Host for the expression of non-homologous DNA


  • BMEG02 – strain WH320, 500 µl x 5 
  • BMEG04 – strain YYBm1, 500 µl x 5
  • BMEG50 – strain MS941, 500 µl x 5 


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