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Bacillus megaterium Protein Expression System

BMEG45 - Bacillus megaterium shuttle vector pPconst1326 for constitutive expression


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pPconst1326 is an E. coli/Bacillus shuttle vector for the constitutive expression of recombinant proteins in Bacillus megaterium. pPconst1326 can be used for cloning of a target gene in E. coli and protein production in Bacillus sp.
To generate the pPconst1326 constitutive vector, the promoter of pyruvate dehydrogenase operon (pdhABCD, bmd_1326-1329) was isolated from B. megaterium DSM319 and cloned into an E. coli/Bacillus shuttle vector. The promoter region is followed by the native ribosomal binding site (RBS) of the corresponding gene cluster, including its start codon that is located upstream of multiple cloning site (MCS).
The first restriction site (SpeI) allows cloning of a gene of interest fused to nine additional nucleotides encoding Met-Thr-Ser at its N-terminus. The pPconst1326 carries the oriU and repU gene from Bacillus cereus for replication in Bacillus sp. The tetL gene provides resistance against tetracycline and functional genetic elements for E. coli (origin of replication ColE1 ori and the bla gene encoding a ß-lactamase, which provides resistance against ampicillin).
Unlike inducible gene expression systems, the expression of the target protein is driven constitutively by the pdhABCD promoter. Thus, adding an inducer is not required during the cultivation of B. megaterium cells.
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  • E. coli/Bacillus shuttle vector
  • Can be used for cloning of a target gene in E. coli and protein production in Bacillus sp.


  • Constitutive expression of recombinant proteins in Bacillus megaterium


  • Bacillus megaterium constitutive expression vector pPconst1326, lyophilized DNA, 10 µg