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Bacillus subtilis Protein Expression System

BSUB FOOD GRADE VECTORS - Bacillus subtilis food grade expression vectors, 10 µg


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B. subtilis vector

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The Bacillus subtilis system was developed as a host for gram-positive bacteria in a variety of applications, including agricultural, medical and food biotechnology and the production of recombinant proteins. T

he Bacillus subtilis system is advantageous in that it is non-pathogenic, does not have significant bias in codon usage, and is capable of secreting functional extracellular proteins directly into the culture medium. A large body of information concerning transcription, translation, protein folding and secretion mechanisms, genetic manipulation, and large-scale fermentation is available.

The Bacillus Food Grade Expression System was created to make the advantages of the Bacillus expression system also accessible to areas in which antibiotic resistance gene markers are prohibited, such as the food and feed industry. It enables stable vector-based large scale heterologous protein production by an alternative selection, without antibiotics.

The Bacillus Food Grade Selection System is based on the interplay of an endogenous Bacillustoxin EndoA (expressed from vector) and its antitoxin EndoB (expressed from genome). EndoA is an endoribonuclease that specifically cleaves mRNA at a five Base U↓ACAU sequence. During normal growth conditions, EndoA is inactivated by forming a heterohexameric complex with its cognate antitoxin, EndoB. Since the antitoxin is relatively unstable, it is essential for the cell to continuously produce sufficient amounts of EndoB to inactivate the more stable toxin. These characteristics are utilized for retaining the vector within the cell.

Two vectors are available for this system, differing in their origin of replication and copy number concerning B. subtilis:

  • pTTB1 (PBS041) - low copy number vector; replicates via theta replication modus 
  • pTTB1 (PBS042) - high copy number vector; replicates by rolling circle mechanism

For easy handling, the vectors are designed as B. subtilis / E. coli shuttle vectors. The parts of the vector used for cloning with E. coli can be eliminated afterwards by restriction enzyme cleavage and religation of the vector. This technique connects the advantage of easy cloning (with E. coli) with the food grade property of B. subtilis. The antitoxin-encoding gene ydcD is included under control of a constitutive Bacillus promoter. A multiple cloning site for cloning the gene of interest downstream of the constitutive promoter P43 is provided.

See also: B. subtilis food grade strains

Please note these products require a license for non-academic institutions. Please contact us for licensing information.


  • Stable high- or low-level expression without addition of any antibiotics
  • All DNA contained in the final expression system is derived from B. subtilis
  • Cloning can be done with E. coli
  • No endotoxins are produced
  • No inclusion bodies are formed



  • Host for gram-positive bacteria in food production



  • PBS041 - pTTB1 vector, lyophilized plasmid DNA, 10 µg
  • PBS042 – pTTB2 vector, lyophilized plasmid DNA, 10 µg