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Bacillus subtilis Protein Expression System

BSUB SURE STRAINS - Bacillus subtilis SURE System strains, 1ml


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The SURE® System: Subtilin Regulated gene Expression

Bacillus subtilis is an attractive host for gram-positive bacteria as it is non-pathogenic, does not have significant bias in codon usage, and is capable of secreting functional extracellular proteins directly into the culture medium. It is used in a variety of applications, including agricultural, medical and food biotechnology and the production of recombinant proteins.

Controlled gene expression in B. subtilis is a cost-effective alternative to IPTG induced gene expression. This is achieved with the used of subtilin, a small peptide antibiotic of 32 amino acids produced by B. subtilis. Subtilin production and regulation is encoded in the chromosome by a cluster of 9 genes, which are transcribed from two promoters. Subtilin regulates/activates its own biosynthesis via a two-component regulatory system.

Multiple strains are available for the SURE system:

  • NZ8963 (PBS023) - B. subtilis wild type, subtilin producing strain (ATCC 6633)
  • NZ8900 (PBS024) - B. subtilis 168 strain with spaR and spaK integrated into the chromosome at the amyE locus; host strain for subtilin inducible gene expression in B. subtilis; amyE::spaRK, KmR
  • NZ8901 (PBS025) - B. subtilis 168 with kanamycin gene integrated into the chromosome at the amyE locus; negative control strain; 168 amyE::KmR
  • MC1061 (ELS10610-01) - E. coli strain; intermediate cloning host (6); F' araD139 Δara-leu)7696 Δ(lac)X74 galU galK hsdR2 mcrA mcrB1 rspL

See also: B. subtilis vectors for the SURE system


Please note these products require a license for non-academic institutes. Please contact us for licensing information.


  • Tightly controlled gene expression in a widely used bacterium 
  • Genome sequence available 
  • Longstanding genetic engineering experience 
  • Complete set of genetic engineering tools available 
  • Potentially useful for cloning of genes with toxic products 
  • Can be used for the identification of essential genes after insertion into the chromosome upstream of the gene in question 
  • Potential for secretion of gene products 
  • Controlled gene expression for metabolic engineering



  • PBS023 - Bacillus subtilis strain NZ8963, 1ml
  • PBS024 - Bacillus subtilis strain NZ8900, 1ml
  • PBS025 - Bacillus subtilis strain NZ8901, 1ml