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E. coli Expression Systems

RESO01 - Broad-Host-Range Vector pBBR RESO (promoter trap vector)


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pBBR RESO is a broad-host-range promoter cloning vector. It was derived from pBBR1MCS, which itself is a modification of the broad-host-range plasmid pBBR1CM. In contrast to other known broad-host-range vectors, pBBR RESO is maintained at a medium copy number and has a reasonable size of about 6.8 kb. It stably replicates in any Gram-negative bacterium studied and is therefore particularly interesting for the isolation and genetic analysis of DNA sequences with promoter activity in the homologous organism. The reporter system used employs the resolvase-mediated excision of a kanamycin (Kan)-resistance gene flanked by two res sequences. Cloning an active promoter results in Kan-sensitive clones.


  • Medium copy number and reasonable size
  • Stably replicates in any Gram-negative bacterium
  • Can identify genes under harsh environmental conditions
  • Can detect both constitutively and transiently induced promoters 


  • Identification of promoter sequence of a cloned gene or operon
  • Identification of promoter sequences in random tnpR-gene fusion libraries
  • Identification of genes induced under harsh environmental conditions


  • pBBR RESO vector, lyophilized DNA, 5 µg