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E. coli Expression Systems

V32402 - Standard Cloning Vector pACYC184


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pACYC184 is a tetracycline and chloramphenicol resistant, general purpose cloning vector. pACYC184 can be used together with, or as an alternative multipurpose vector to, pBR322. The origin of replication of pACYC184 is derived from the miniplasmid p15A1, whereas that of pBR322 and its derivatives are from pColE. These origins are compatible and pACYC184 and pBR322 can therefore co-exist within the same cell. This allows two recombinant plasmids to be maintained and expressed simultaneously.


  • Resistant to tetracycline and chloramphenicol
  • Double-transformants with ColE1 vectors
  • Origin = p15A1


  • pACYC184 Vector DNA, 25 µg