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VZV Assay Kits

VZV Assay Kits

Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) assay kits are intended for the diagnosis of diseases induced or associated with VZV infection, such as varicella (chickenpox), herpes zoster (shingles) and the disease complications (pareses, neuropathies, encephalitis, myelitis, cerebellitis, pneumoniae, uveitis) and generalized infections in immune-compromised patients. The kits can also be used for differential diagnosis of neuroinfections, infections of eye and skin and exanthematous diseases. 

VZV-specific IgG antibodies have anamnestic characteristics and can be utilized for the determination of individual immune status. Their significant increase in paired serum samples may indicate active infection. VZV-specific IgM and IgA rise in the course of active infection (both primary infection and reactivation) and disappear in the convalescence phase. In some cases, they may persist in a patient's serum for several weeks or months. Determination of VZV IgG avidity is useful in distinguishing between primary and past infection and VZV reactivation.

Multiple kits are offered for specific purposes:
  • Qualitative ELISA for IgG screening
  • Quantitative version (ODZ-087) for determination of antibody concentration in International WHO-units (IU)
  • Anti-VZV IgG (ODZ-087) validated for antibody determination both in sera and cerebrospinal fluids (CSF)
  • Anti-VZV IgM (ODZ-197) contains RF sorbent for elimination of interfering IgG antibodies
  • IF assays available for confirmation of the results (ODZ-119)

See below for an overview of the VZV assay kits.

Cat# Anti-VZV Product Method Evaluation Tests Samples Sensitivity / Specificity
ODZ-168 IgG ELISA semiquantitative 96 serum 96.9% / 96.6%
ODZ-087 IgG (CSF) ELISA quantitative 96 serum, cerebrospinal fluid 96.9% / 96.6%
ODZ-233 IgG and IgG avidity ELISA semiquantitative 48 serum 96.9% / 96.6%
ODZ-197 IgM ELISA semiquantitative 96 serum 100% / 97.6%
ODZ-119 IFA  IFA semiquantitative 160 serum