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Mobicols & Lab Columns

Mobicols & Lab Columns

Mobicols and MobiSpins are versatile 1ml columns suitable for many laboratory applications. They can be used for separation, isolation, treatment, and purification.  Whether you require affinity chromatography columns, spin columns, or gel filtration columns, these mini-columns are useful in every laboratory. Fill them with the matrix of your choice, or order them pre-filled with Sephadex, Sephacryl, or a variety of immobilized enzymes.

The spin columns are compatible with all minifuges and can be centrifuged in 1.5ml or 2ml tubes. They come with a 10um pore size lower filter and closing cap. They are ideal for DNA purification, removal of unincorporated dyes, and removal of free nucleotides.

The affinity chromatography columns come with a luer-lock cap which can be used to attach to a syringe or to a reservoir; they can also be centrifuged. Samples of up to 700ul can be applied; the column comes with a lower filter with a pore size of 35um.

See below for an overview of the various Mobicols. 

Cat# Included filter Closed screw cap Luer-lock cap Bottom plug Fixed outlet plug
M1002 Yes Yes Yes
M1002S Large 10µm Yes Yes
M1002S-2110 Small 10µm Yes Yes
M1003 Yes Yes
M1050 Yes Yes Yes
M105010L Small 10µm Yes Yes
M105035F Large 35µm Yes Yes Yes
M105210S Large 10µm Yes Yes
M1053 Yes Yes