Imaging Tools

MoBiTec’s selection of cell imaging dishes, chambers, plates, and imaging slides feature optimized surfaces for best optical performance. The cell culture products are equipped with advanced surface properties to support reliable adhesion and spreading of cells. With multiple formats to choose from, these imaging tools suit a variety of applications. All materials selected meet the requirements for high laboratory and medical standards.


Sales Price$177.00

Imaging Dish CG, 30/Box

Glass No. 1.0, 145µm Thick (Cat# 5160-30)

Sales Price$161.00
Glass Thickness 
Stage Frame (Optional) 

Imaging Dish CG, 150/Box

Glass No. 1.0, 145µm Thick (Cat# 5160-150)

Sales Price$655.00
Glass Thickness 

ImmunoSelect Adhesion Slides

50 Slides (Cat# SQ-IS-10050)

Sales Price$293.00

Imaging Plate CG, TC-Surface

24 Well (Cat# 5231-20)

Sales Price$593.00

Imaging Plate FC, TC-Surface

24 Well (Cat# 3231-20)

Sales Price$442.00

Imaging Chamber

1 Well (Cat# 8011-16)

Sales Price$135.00