Reverse Transcription

Bioron's tools for PCR include high quality polymerases, primers, RNase inhibitors, and other components for Reverse Transcription. Tth Polymerase has intrinsic Reverse Transcription activity and no RNAse H activity, making it an excellent choice for RT-PCR. Smart One RT-PCR Master Mix offers a convenient, ready-to-use format for probe-based RT-qPCR applications.

Tth DNA Polymerase

500 U (Cat# 104005)

Sales Price$126.00
Sales Price$211.00
100 Reactions

Reverase (M-MuLV, RNase H minus)

10,000 units (Cat# 105100)

Sales Price$139.00

RNase Inhibitor

2000 U (Cat# 105302)

Sales Price$132.00

Oligo (dT) 15 Primer

Cat#: 509001

Sales Price$31.00

Random Primer

Cat#: 402001

Sales Price$31.00