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3D Transfection

Model Item Name- Price
TF20000 3D-Fect for 3D Scaffolds

TN30000 3D-FectIN for 3D Hydrogels

STF40000 si3D-Fect

STN50000 si3D-FectIN

3D Transfection

3D-FectIN and 3D-Fect are the newest transfection reagents specifically designed and developed for 3D cell cultures. 3D matrices not only add a third dimension to cells’ environment, they also allow creation of significant differences in cellular characteristics and behavior. Because 3D environments are routinely used in basic research and therapeutic applications, OZ Biosciences has developed these two new powerful reagents, 3DFectIN (for hydrogels) and 3DFect (for scaffolds).