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3D Transfection

STF40000 - si3D-Fect


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si3D-Fect™ is a 3D transfection reagent specifically designed and developed for silencing gene expression in cells cultured on 3D Scaffolds.
3D matrices add a third dimension to the cells’ environment and can induce significant differences in cellular phenotype and behavior. 3D matrices bearing complexes formed with si3D-Fect™ reagent and siRNA are colonized by cells to be transfected in a more natural environment.
si3D-Fect™ reagents associated with 3D matrices result in numerous cell transfections to study in tissue engineering, tissue regeneration, tumor invasion, neural differentiation, cellular polarization, tissue formation, colonization, neurite growth and many other areas.

Figure 1: si3D-Fect™ allows optimal gene silencing in 3D-Scaffold: Collagen-derived scaffolds were loaded with complexes formed by 8 µl si3D-Fect™ and several concentrations of siRNA (0-50mM) directed against GFP. HeLa-GFP were added and gene silencing was observed 72H after transfection.



  • Highly efficient for gene silencing in 3D matrices
  • Ideal for any 3D scaffolds (sponges, matrices, inserts)
  • Dedicated to short nucleic acid sequences (siRNA, miRNA)
  • Can achieve long-term gene silencing
  • Can be used with primary cells and cell lines
  • Serum compatible


  • Gene silencing of cells growing in 3D-scaffolds


  • STF40250 - si3D-Fect™ 3D transfection reagent, 250 µl (65-125 transfections)
  • STF40500 - si3D-Fect™ 3D transfection reagent, 500 µl (125-250 transfections)
  • STF41000 - si3D-Fect™ 3D transfection reagent, 1ml (250-500 transfections)