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HYPE-5 High Yield Protein Expression

HYC01500 - HYPE-CHO™ Transfection Kit


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HYPE-CHO™ Transfection Kit is designed for maximum protein production in CHO cells growing in chemically defined synthetic media.

This transient expression system offers a faster alternative to costly, time-consuming stable expression systems. Scale-up to larger volumes is straightforward with simple and cost-efficient handling steps.

This kit has been used and validated with cells from different origins (CHO, CHO-S, rCHO or any CHO-related cells) cultured in suspension in flasks, spinners, and bioreactors for protein production.  



  • High protein and antibody production yield
  • Suitable for all CHO cells growing in suspension
  • Compatible with any synthetic or regular media used for protein production
  • Ideal for bioreactors, spinners, or flasks
  • Rapid, simple to scale-up and ready-to-use
  • Free from animal sources



  • Protein Production with CHO cells in suspension
  • Large scale transient transfection in bioreactors, spinners, or flasks



  • 1.5ml of HYPE-CHO + 5ml of BCHO, suitable for 0.5-1 L of cell culture