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In Vivo Transfection

Model Item Name- Price
IV-DM30000 In vivo DogtorMag Transfection Reagent

IV-SM30000 In vivo SilenceMag Transfection Reagent

IV-VM30000 In vivo ViroMag Transduction Reagent

IV-PN30000 In vivo PolyMag Transfection Reagent

IV-BF30000 BrainFectIN in vivo Transfection Reagent

IV-MAG In vivo Magnet Set

In Vivo Transfection

In vivo Magnetofection has been designed for in vivo targeted transfection and transduction. This original system combines magnetic nanoparticles and nucleic acid vectors that are retained after injection at the magnetically targeted site. In this way, systemic distribution is minimized and toxicity is reduced. 

Several specialized reagents are offered:
  • In vivo ViroMag - for in vivo targeted transduction with any viral vector
  • In vivo PolyMag - cationic polymer-based reagent for in vivo targeted transfection of nucleic acids
  • In vivo DogtorMag - cationic lipid-based reagent for in vivo targeted transfection of nucleic acids
Starter kits that include magnet sets are also offered for each reagent. The magnet sets are sold separately as well.