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In Vivo Transfection

IV-MAG - In vivo Magnet Set


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These magnets are intended for use in in vivo magnetofection transfection. The magnetic properties are optimized to efficiently concentrate nucleic acids or viruses at the targeted site.



  • Easily cleaned and reusable
  • Optimized magnetic properties for magnetofection



  • In vivo magnetofection transfection



  • IV-MAG1 – 4 assorted magnets: 2mm dia., 5mm dia., 10mm dia., and 18 x 18mm square
  • IV-MAG2 - 4 square magnets: 18 x 18mm each
  • IV-MAG3 – 3 cylinder magnets: 2mm x 4, 5mm x 4, and 10mm x 4