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In Vivo Transfection

IV-SM30000 - In vivo SilenceMag Transfection Reagent


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In vivo SilenceMag is designed for rapid, efficient transfection of small RNA (siRNA, miRNA) into target cells/tissue in vivo using magnetofection technology. 

In vivo SilenceMag reagent combines magnetic nanoparticles and small RNA that will be retained after injection at the magnetically targeted site. This targeted delivery method minimizes systemic distribution, increases gene targeted inactivation and reduces toxicity. The magnetic forces enhance the uptake of magnetic nanoparticles by the target tissue, improving the efficiency of silencing. This reduces the required process time of delivery to a few minutes which is crucial for improvement of in vivo small RNA delivery. 

This reagent requires the use of magnets. A starter kit is available including a magnet set.



  • Meets in vivo grade quality
  • Increased silencing efficiency
  • Reduced systemic dissemination of siRNA/miRNA during injection
  • Reduced siRNA/miRNA doses
  • Can be used under non permissive conditions (hypothermia, physiological flow conditions)
  • Minimized toxicity



  • In vivo gene silencing; systemic administration or local administration



  • IV-SM30500 – In vivo SilenceMag transfection reagent, 500μl
  • IV-SM31000 – In vivo SilenceMag transfection reagent, 1ml
  • IV-KC30240 – Starter kit: 500μl reagent + magnet set
  • IV-TK30240 – Trial kit: 100μl reagent + 1 cylinder magnet