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Lipofection Transfection

Lipofection Transfection

Lipofection is a lipid-based transfection technology in which nucleic acids are associated with cationic lipid formulations. The resulting molecular complexes, known as lipoplexes, are then taken up by the cells. Lipofection is highly efficiency and can be used to transfect all types of nucleic acids in a wide range of cell types. It is easy to use with high reproducibility and low toxicity. 

Multiple lipofection transfection reagents are offered, each developed for specific purposes:


  • DreamFect Gold – for all nucleic acids, achieving superior transgene expression level
  • DreamFect – for all nucleic acids and for all cells including suspension cell lines
  • DreamFect Stem – for stem cell transfection
  • COSFect - for COS cell transfection
  • HeLaFect - for HeLa cell transfection
  • Lullaby – for gene silencing
  • Lullaby Stem - for gene silencing in stem cells
  • VeroFect – for Vero cells transfection
  • FlyFectin – for insect cell transfection
  • EcoTransfect – for popular cell lines and routine transfection at low cost


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